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Tripura Resort is a self-contained destination which can meet all of your vacation requirements in a single spot. Food, beverages, entertainment, and other activities are all available without leaving the premises. Camp fire space, dancing hall and territory for numerous sports, and other activities are also available inside resorts.

Our Resort

Serving best since 2017,

is only 150 KM from international airport and hotel is vastly spacious, it is spread in 15 acres land.

Tripura resort is deliberately positioned on the top of Kuri Bazar hill in Dolakha, Thus offering the best view of the tremendous show upfront. The location is special in that it showcases nature at its best, brings its visitors back to their loving selves, and promises a memorable stay

Food, beverages, entertainment, and other activities are all available without leaving the premises. Camp fire space, dancing hall and territory for numerous sports, and other activities are also available inside resorts.

A Few Words About Us

Serving best since 2017

Tripura Resort believes in the value of maintaining harmony between the body, mind, spirit, and earth in order to live a happy, safe, and balanced life. It is founded on the principle of love for nature and for oneself, and is influenced by modern luxury and traditional Himalayan wisdom.

Our philosophy at Tripura Resort and Group is to give; to our customers as well as to Nepal – a belief that characterises all we do. The emphasis is on deep appreciation for Nepal’s history and culture. In line with these basic values, we are actively working to feed people and the earth in order to optimize the environmental benefits. The Tripura Group is undoubtedly working for a more environmental sustainable and safe way of life. Furthermore, we plan to use Nepalese natural architecture, artifacts, and expertise to revitalize indigenous Nepalese handicrafts and cultural awareness, while also improving one of the country’s most massive financial markets.

The declared goal of the Tripura Group:
• “We create better”
• For our people: through prudence, loyalty and honesty.
• For the social system: through the protection, restoration and celebration of the historical, spiritual and natural wealth of Nepal.
• Environment: Promotion of natural, traditional and ecological cultivation techniques as well as environmental protection.
• Manufacturing: Financing and promoting local businesses and developing Nepal as a luxury tourist destination.

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